Spiny Sea Cucumber


Scientific name - Pentacta anceps

Family: Holothuriidae

Common name – Spiny Sea Cucumber

Max Size – 5 in (12 cm)

Min. Aquarium size – 30 gal (114 L)

Range: Indonesia

Care Level – Intermediate

Temperament – Peaceful

Foods and feeding – This cucumber will filter the sand eating debris, algae, and bacteria, but should be feed plankton dailiy

Aquarium suitability -

Reef compatibility – Yes

Captive care – This cucumber emits a toxin that can irritate or kill other tank inhabitants. When acclimating this create, be sure not to get any of the water in the tank because it will contain a high concentration of the toxin. If they die or become stressed they will release this toxin. Cucumbers require a deep sand bed and pristine water conditions. Unlike other cucumber species, the Spiny Sea cucumber remains stationary when it finds a suitable spot. Small amounts of nitrates or metals are toxic to them.
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