Something I Must Share.....


No clue about reefs
today i noticed my small clown goby lookin thin and weak so i knew he was going to die soon his lil mouth couldnt eat the mysis and brine or anything i threw in there, i even made sure it was small but no luck so today he was weak couldnt swim much an was pushed around by my waves..... so he got pushed into my plate coral, and keep in mind my plate coral is a beast he eats hermit crabs and everything that lands on him his sticky tenticles just seem to move stuff up onto his mouth on top. and so my goby fell onto them and he was slowly moved up into his mouth an was swallowed whole... amazing i asked alotta lfs guys about plate corals doin this and they all said they dont eat fishes... bs mine does, ill post pics of it. its soo beautiful and orange. but deadly. :death:

r.i.p lil poop
atleast if the fish was going to die, something got benefits of it. and if a coral catches something it will eat it, no matter what it is.
I love plate corals, a fish store near me was sealing green 2.5 inch ones for $20 and i regret for not buying one. As for your Goby, only the strong survive.
A lot of people would say thats cruel.
I say that mother nature is a bitch and because we bring our livestock into our homes and try our best to take care of their needs,their still wild animals that are going to do what comes natural to em.
My plate coral ate a hermit crab. I have a pic some where of it's legs sticking out of the plates mouth.