So Sad


Reefing newb
So Ive been waiting a while to get a green mandarin. Tank has been set up for over a year and found one at the LFS the other day that ate frozen. I put him in the tank last night and all seemed good. My chromis was having issues with him but they settled down. This morning I find the green mandarin cut in half. Dont know what happened.
clown, chromis, lawnmower blenny. Cleanup crew is coral banded, 2 peppermint, reef lobster, several hermits and snails. Couple corals, oh and an emerald crab
Wow, so many opportunistic predators in there, could be Emerald, CBS im not sure about the lobster's tempermant.
Becuase the MD, being so docile and slow, he could easily be caught by some of them.
Sucks, sorry for your loss.
I have a feeling it was the reef lobster. I would think it is the only thing that could have cut her in half like that. She was settling down by his cave last night. He has never been aggressive. Maybe because I haven't added anyhing new to the tank in months.
when i fist put my green mandarin in the tank the CBS went stright for it with its pincers up and actually attacked it snipping at it, i had to take the turkey baster and smack em arround a bit for him to stop, he learned his lesson and now when ever the mandarin gets close to him he'll get his pincers up but retreat lol ,
It very well could have been the CB, like jcegt87 mentioned, they can be very aggressive and are know for killing small fish, just like your mandarine
Lobster!! one of my fish stores has a big beautiful one, but he wont sell it. He says its a fish eater!! Any bottom dwelling fish will get attacked.
it is the lobster they are REEF SAFE WITH CAUTION they will kill anything they catch. i have had a cbs for a couple years and never has killed anything it has snipped at things that have come toward its little cave but that is it
Sorry to hear! It's rough when you get something you've been really wanting, only to find it gone as soon as you get it.
I had a coral banded pair and one killed the other after several weeks, and he also killed a cleaner shrimp and a goby. Now the CB is missing...wonder who got him..not that I care really bc I'm glad that mean thing is not around anymore.