So I caught the I need another tank bug. Questions about nano tanks!


Reefing newb
So I caught the bug, I want to set up another saltwater tank. I have been trying to hold out untill my fiance and I find a new place to move into before we set up a 29g bio cube. Mainly because we already going to have to move our 90g which is going to be a huge pain (I am dreading the day). So with that said I decided I want to do a small 10-15g nano tank.

I just dont know what tank to get! I would like a cube of some sorts, be able to have 2 clowns a nem and maybe 1 other fish like a small scooter blenny.

That might be pushing it though I am thinking, also I would have some inverts and lots of soft and lps corals, maybe a clam till it gets to big and can move into my 90g.

Well ok, I got carried away, I don't think there is enough room in a nano for all that.

I like this fluval cube

but it isn't even 8g. So what reccomendations would you make for a small cube. Honestly would like to keep corals, 2 clowns, and a BTA.
Lighting will be an issue not sure what I could do if I wanted a BTA, but if I cant do a BTA my clowns will live without it. The ones in my 90g did for 3 months even after I put one in it, they were scarred of it I guess..

I just realized this was a lot of incoherent thoughts sorry about that, I just have so much running through my mind since we have been planning a 29g bio cube for about a year so in my mind I'm trying to fit all of that into a 10g tank, I just have to realize I can't do that..
You are going to have to upgrade the lighting to keep anything me thinks. But i also wouldnt put any sort of nem in a tank that small, waay too hard to keep the parameters stable. But i think you could do an amazing LPS tank in tank in there.
Ok, well that settles it I will definitely save the nem for the 29g in the future.
I think I am going to go the the LFS and check out this tank, see what its like in person. I really like the edge too but it seems like it would be a looot of work to convert over, this seems like it would be fairly easy. Plus for now I could start the cycle and worry about the light once I get some corals. This might be a purchase tomorrow, and I might be stealing some tank water and some live rock from my 90.
i got a pico with a nem... just saying lol
good luck an sounds like your gonna have some fun
and good luck on the whole married thing :)
So just an update. I just finished unpacking my new tank! I am on my way to uploading pics and creating a new tank build thread!:bounce::bounce:
Soon very soon, I'm also trying to clean up a corner of my computer desk because thats where the tank is going to go, so I had to take down my monitor since I won't be needing it because I am going to start using my TV as my computer monitor :)