Smitty's Reef

Ok, I called Ecotech this evening, and customer service told me that Yahoo email addresses aren't properly working with their system, but he overrode it and fixed the issue. I'm currently programming my radion lights now.
Did you get the programming all figured out buddy? Quick question for Ya. As I will be upgrading mine to in the next few weeks. Not to Radion though. Your tank is located somewhat similar to mine in our living room. And I was curious as to when your lounging on the couch watching football from what it looks like do the Radion kind of blind you in your peripheral or are they distracting of any sort? The reason I ask is I've read some threads of people stating things like that and needing to mock up like a shade for their LEDs just curious if your experiencing any issues like that. Also what white to blue ratio are your pics taken in. Like percentage wise. Or that just how the Radion look. Your tank looks really blue. I love that look.
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What's up bro...yes, I did get the fixture programmed, although I'm still learning it and tweaking it. The light isn't distracting at all and it just illuminates that corner. Unlike mh lights, the spread pretty much stays in the tank. So, you shouldn't have a problem with that. And I have my blues at 100%, and the whites, red, and green at I believe 45%. And the entire intensity at 50-55%. I like the bluish look also and I think it's somewhere around 15 Kelvin. :)