Slm32123 75 gallon build!

thank you :) the odysea fixtures dont have individual reflectors id go with fish need it. I use the metal halide during the day and the t-5s in the morning and evening, but the t-5s are what makes the corals look great lol
no, once I get back home from Mackinac Island I will post pictures of the stand and tank when I first got it, and how it is now.

Actually here is a couple pics of the stand. P1040160.jpg


I am sanding it to put new stain, because there are a few spots that dont look that great at all.
That's actually the stand right after I got it. Before I ven started to sand it. When u get back home I will take some updated pics
Well guys, here is the update you have all been waiting for, at least up until this point.

I finished sanding the stand, and here is the result...

well maybe not, i am currently unable to upload the pics.:grumble: thats a big bunch o :pooh:
ok, i figured out the problem. but i dont know how to fix it. is there anyway to resize images? im using windows xp pro. The size is like 3000x1200 or something, and i need to get it to 640x480 so that i can upload it! help! PLEASE! :)
If you are using windows 7 just right click on the pic and click edit, then there is a resize option and reduce it to like 35%.

Or get Irfanview which is an awesome picture viewer and you can resize from that.
Alright, I decided to use photobucket, i didnt really want to make another account but it will be worth it.

Here is the stand after sanding it. This took about 6 hours total, and a lot of sandpaper.

Here's the canopy, not finished sanding yet.

Heres the stand and canopy
Then I decided it was time to stain.

I went to the hardware store and bought 3 cans of this stuff.

And this is the result after about 3/4 of a can and about 10 minutes of spraying and wiping off excess stain. the one door that is in front isn't stained, have to finish sanding it. But i thought it would be good for comparison reasons.

And heres just some more pictures of the staining.




And here is the big problem that I have with the canopy. They didnt waterproof it on the inside so due to all the evaporation that occured it looks like this inside of it now. The boards are all having fibers coming off, so its near impossible to get a smooth surface, anyone have any ideas of how I can fix it? without replacing the boards.
oooooh i see now the trim on the stand and canopy will cover the trim on the tank :) excellent work man cant wait to see it up and running!
Looks great. For future reference, if you need to resize a pic. highlight the pic, right click, open with Microsoft Picture Manager, click edit, resize, save as.
yeah me either. but unless i make a diy skimmer its going to be at least 2 more months before i am able to start the cycle