slm32123 10 gallon nano


Reefing newb
hey guys, well ive had this 10 gallon set up as a FOWLR for about a year now, and just recently decided to make it a reef! so heres the first pictures of it as a reef tank!

Only 2 weeks old as a reef tank!




haha thanks! yeah they are in order, kenya tree, tubs blue, devil's armor (color is messed up right now :( ),Green star polyp

I have 2x 20w PC... 4 watts per gallon
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I am wanting to move my 6-line wrasse from my 35 hex into this tank so i can get more fish in my 35. would the 10 gallons be big enough for it or now?
I'd say probably as log as he's small. I have a sixline in my ten gallon nano and he's doing very well. Never fights nor causes problems. The only aggression he rarely shows is when the clown is bullying him all he does is get sickof it and nip back to end the debate. But they can be quite hit or miss so good luck hah. Aldo they're a pain to catch so pray that is works out hah