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About 2 days ago i noticed my skunk cleaner shrimp has like green lil spots inside like two pouches by its tail. Its been really shy latly and hiding more than usal. and i noticed she does the like cleaning of that area where green things are (eggs maybe) but i only have one how would it reproduce.
sorry here it is a lil hard to


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just a quick up date she did have babies. theres about 50 of them that are still alive im hoping one will make it. she molted again yesterday and has more eggs again??? is this going to keep happening?

also this like red looking thing is on my hermit crab does any one know what it is?


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they will be 2 weeks on wed. i have a clown and 2 blue green cromis and they dont even take interst in them at all. a couple are bigger than the others and are starting to get lil red on their tails im trying keep the fish fed so they dont eat them but if they do they do. she has another batch coming and ill have a breeder net by than. this batch just letting nature take its course, altho the mama does block the entrance to the cave most of the time. and she takes food into them so we can hope. as soon as i can caputre them on pic ill post