Skunk Cleaner just up & died


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He looked absolutely fine and then I come home today and he is dead.

About 3 days ago I did have a temp spike from about 80 to 84 and I have been bringing it down very slow --1 degree per day. Cause? last two did the same exact thing...and I didn't even have a temp spike. How long did u have him, cause I believe the lfs doesn't acclimate them properly.
My Skunk just recently died, very strange I could not find any water perameters out of the normal range. It was sad because he was the first creature i got in this hobby about two years ago. I kind of knew somthing was up since I had not seen a molt in quite a while.
I've had the same problem with fire shrimp. Not sure what the cause is as my peppermint shimp are fine and even produce eggs.
I had him like 6 months and NO it was not the molt. He wasn't eating as avidly as he normally does lately.

I'm bummed about it but I'm going out for a nice shrimp dinner to cheer myself up.
I personally dont think the temp was the problem. What are your water teswt results? Any invert lovers in the tank?
My peppermint shrimp died as well when I had a temp spike to 85. The owner of my fav LFS who I trust (and did not sell me the shrimp that died) told me that they do not like warm water. Did he turn a darker more vibrant red before he died? If so his metabolism was boosted from the temp and he basically got cooked.