six line wrasse


Reefing newb
im thinking of adding one, a 55g with 1 f.percula, 3 blue green chromies, 1 purple condi anemone, 1 coral banded shrimp, 5 m. turbo snails, 5 nas. snails, 1 very small serpent star?, and 10 unknown black and white snails, i want to put up a picture of them for an id, soon i hope, anyway, does anybody have any exp. with this fish? anything will help, thanks.
Sixline wrasses tend to go both ways -- very nice, passive additions or very territorial and aggressive. All the ones I've owned have been peaceful. I think more often than not, they are nice to other fish. With the fish you already have, I think it'd be just fine. Clowns are more aggressive than sixlines and you really don't have to worry about chromis not getting along with anyone, they are like the happy hippies of the tank.
never had a single problem with mine, though biff is totally right. it could be rollin the dice. I know I always want to have one. luckily I got a good one :)