Signature Generator..

What is it?

An application that takes the statistics provided by your web enabled controller (AC Jr / 2 with AquaNotes, AC3/3Pro with ethernet, or Premium Aquatics LightHouse) and turns them into an image that you can use as a signature on your favorite reef keeping forum, emails, or even as an image on your web page.

How does it work?

A program on our server reaches out every five minutes to your controller and gathers data that you specify. Temperature, ph, ORP, device status- most any data that your controller displays on a web page- all of it can become part of your image. This data gets formatted in the way you want, either fancy or simple, and turned into an image.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. There are no ads, no pop-ups, no tracking cookies, or fees. This was just something cool that I came up with because I'm a reef geek. If you feel guilty about using it for free, then renew your membership to your local reef club, send a donation to MASNA, or give a newbie a frag of something and help spread the responsible reef keeping ethic.

Okay, I'm sold, how to I get started?
Register for an account at (thanks go to Steve for hosting it for me), and once you're logged in, click 'Extras' then 'Signature Generator' from the top menu. Help is available from every screen, and I've even put up a HOWTO with screenshots. I'd appreciate feedback on how to make it better, too.

The controllers the application supports can grow, too. If you have another controller that has a web interface, and it's not listed here, I'd love to work with you to make it compatible.

Here are a few sigs that our users have..