sick coral beauty but what is it?


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About three weeks ago I purchased a flame angel and a coral beauty both "looked" healthy but by the next morning it was clearly evident I had made a BAD mistake. The flame had ich not real bad but it was obvious so I treated the tank with formalin. I waited a couple days and treated again, by this time the flame had what looked like white crystals all over his pectoral fin and a large open wound on the same side. I had to remove him asap. I have the ich under control or maybe conquered but my coral beauty now has these white crystals on his fins. The person at my LFS said they are probably fin flukes and that I should use prazi pro one treatment will take care of it. Guess what, im on my third and its still there.Any ideas could it be something else, is there something more effective? All readings are as good as can be it's a 120 gal. with a spotted puffer, 3 cardinals and a coral beauty.
P.S My calcium level is between 400 and 450
Best I can recommend is to read helpful articles page 1 Fish Disease. it is a very long article but covers a lot of the fish disease and how to treat. hope this helps.
opps I missed the fact that you have a spotted puffer. :oops:
Your right I think it would become an expensive snack .Possibley a cleaner wrasse or cleaner gobby.I have heard people have good results with a uv to kill the ick as passes through the tube.hope your tank makes it though
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