Should i still use my Fan !!!


Go Big Or Go Home !
So when i had my PC lights they where really hot and i had a clamp on fan from Wallmart on the top of the tank blowing air acros that tank to keep it cool. Now that i have LEDS there is no heat warming up the water and i stoped using the Fan. Now i have also noticed that i dont need as mutch top off water as before. My question is Will not using the fan change Anything ???? My water has great movement and plenty of riples on the top. Just want to make sure im not going to affect anything the wront way.
Yeah true, i just know that sometimes stuff like that can affect PH. But as of right now my temps are staying at 79.4 and im happy with that and my corals seem to be happy also.
Yeah Ok thanks guys its ben 2 days now with out the fan and i havent noticed anything change ither so im happy. Love my new lights so far. Looks to me like alot of the Glowing pinkish coraline is starting to grow in little spots now with the leds.

Well thanks for all the info, And yey my top off is down by 1/2 now.