sexy shrimp or pistol shrimp?

My sexy shrimp was only sexy for a couple of days..never saw him again but I love my pistol shrimp in my 30. They do move A LOT of sand. The popping is funny. I have mine paired with a watchman. In a 30 they don't have much of a choice but to like each other...
Pistol shrimp eat other shrimp so no they can't coexist. As for your pistol and your red banded goby pairing up, I'm not sure it will happen. I am fairly certain it is only the watchman goby that will pair up with the pistol shrimp. But I could be totally wrong.
you sure about that
i have had a tiger pistol with also having a cleaner shrimp,fire shrimp,harlequin shrimp for over a year now and havent had any trouble
lol I just know they eat crustaceans. To mean that means don't put them in the tank with other shrimp. But I guess we eat beef and you can put us in a yard with cows so......
Hey people just noticed my female Sexy looks pregnant. How do I keep the ??? from becoming food? Can I separate/isolate her in something in the tank? I don't have any other SW tanks or sump. Pretty cool though :)