Server Move


Reefing newb
At some point in the next week (between 5th-12th April), we'll be moving Living Reefs from the current server to a nice shiny new one :D.

It should be a little bit faster, but the main reason for the move is to make sure that we're able to keep current with PHP/MySQL releases that run the forum software.

The move should be relatively painless, with perhaps ~30 mins or so when I'll need to "freeze" the site so that no content is lost during the move. Once that is done, it will take some time for DNS servers to catch up with the new server location... however I will do my best to make sure that the old server can share the new database so this isn't a problem.

Once I know a little more about when the move will take place, I'll post more here. I'm going to try and wait for a quiet time when not many people are online and then pounce :).
The server move is now complete :)

It may be slower than normal until your ISP's DNS servers update - but that should happen within 24h max.

I'm working on zapping any bugs at the moment, as it seems there's a problem with the way the gallery/frontpage image attachment works. The gallery/forum software is quite old now, so it may be an incompatibility with the new version of PHP.
I did some hunting and it looks like the link on the front page sidebar was incorrect, so I guess that may have been it? It's all fixed now :).
Just had a look and it could be that the chat script needs updating - however we're limited with the version of forum software that we're using.

If there's any problems, you could try using the full screen chat at this link:


I'm hoping that we can upgrade the forum software soon, so we may get a better/newer chat with that in the near future :).
No problem :).

I'm going to try and bring forward the move to new forum software as there are so many improvements if we make the jump. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can do a test run and see what people think.