Reefing newb
:DHi My guy and I are just beginners in the world of salt water fishes and reefs. We changed over our 10 gal tank now to a reef tank with 3 different coral and a pepperment shrimp a hermit crab and a couple of snails in it and are enjoying learning about corals and fish. We are in the process of setting up a 65 gal tank and have live rock and two fire tails fish and a peppermint shrimp and snails in it we put our first fraged coral in it and a couple of new rock and a couple of coral peices that died on our saltwater provider in shipping and they added a nice look to the tank, we just went through a green hair algae growth and think we finally conquered it so hope the tank is done cycling, Now my question is how hard is it to raise seahorses and can a beginner do it? If so how large of a tank do we need and what to get started. Lots of questions am sure will be coming in the future. Thanks for any imput even if it is to wait for awhile with starting that project of seahorses.
A beginner can do it, but only if that beginner has research every aspect of seahorse keeping first.

They wont do well if they are put in a typical reef setup. They have more specialized needs and they really need a species only tank.

So i would suggest you do the research, take the seahorse lessons offered by Pete from and then i think you will be answer your own question about whether or not you can take care of them.
I want to thank everyone for the info and will definately be checking into them. I personally have had an interest in them since I was little and my older sisters tried the ones that you ordered thru comic books and such and of course they failed. I don't know why the interest, but it is there. Will be letting you all know what I decide and am sure more questions as I go. Again thank you all.
Sure thing. And please do post your questions and do lots of research! Taking the seahorse lesson is the best thing you could possibly do if you If you are thinking about seahorses.
Thank you little_fish, and yes will definately be taking the seahorse class and studying all the sites you and others have posted, my experience with saltwater tanks from the beginning was kind of hairy due to false info gotten from previous owners of the saltwater store that we go to, and when the new owners took over it took a bit of going back and getting to know him and the saltwater world is his life passion they have 3 other store all in louisianna plus ours now and he got us set up and thru some crisis with the tank and teaching us to be patient and not go too fast as our tank was a used one from another party and it had issues when set up and started. so he has finally taught me to take things slow and easy and assures us we will be so happy when it finally takes shape. So am sure it will be the same with the seahorses.
Ya, lfs are notorious for giving bad advice because many of the people who work there are only in for the pay check, and you have to remember that they make money when your fish keep dying and you go back to buy more.

Asking questions here is great because we wont make any money when you fail, we have no desire to see you fail.

And taking it slow is some of the best advice we have to give, nothing good happens fast in this hobby.
little-fish that is what the lfs previous owners did to us, they knew we were beginners and they sold us stuff that we shouldn't even have had, like anemones, and quick cycling now such thing we know now, LOL and then with our 65 gal tank was sold to us as all inclusive with filter systen and lights everything needed to start tank and then all of a sudden they weren't in buisness and we were dealing with new owner to get our tank and ended up that previous owner took light set up, filter set up all but the tank and sand, new owner set us up with used light system and filter system and patiently walked us thru alot of frustration, like I said would have given up on the project if it hadn't been for him, his job is is hobby and he loves it and is knowledgable if he doesn't know will find out for use. So know this with the seahorses is going to be another journey in patience but worth it once set up and successful with it. Am glad there are people like you out there that are ready and willing to help us newbies out.