Seahorse Rescue

i had no idea that they were even harvested like that, or for that...

I would love to end up with a tank for them, but i'm having enough problems with getting my water to run down hill right now, so i dont think it would be right for me to try and keep them alive and not know any more than i do about them...
Quote from the Article:

Vincent tells of a pair of White’s seahorses she studied in Australia. The pregnant male was attacked during the night by another animal—probably a mollusk—that drilled a hole in his pouch and sucked out his brood. The seahorse was so badly injured Vincent did not expect him to survive. Yet his mate refused to abandon him, even though several unattached males tried to lure her away. Every morning she greeted her mate with the "dance" ritual that helps seahorse couples keep their reproductive cycles in sync. After several months, the male recovered and was able to father another brood. Says Vincent admiringly, "For any animal, that level of fidelity is extraordinary."

And there are humans using their dead bodies for decorations. Pathetic.
That's disgusting. I've seen dried seahorses being sold in stores before for decorations -- a lot of times, I see them in the ocean scene gel candles.