Seahorse babies!


So yesterday morning my male seahorse delivered a bunch of babies. Which is good because i was really worried he had a pouch problem but bad because i was not prepared and most of them died/were eaten. It was a bad morning . . . .

But i figured i would post some pics.


I did manage to save 3 of them and i put them in my cheato/pod culture jar and the above is the pic of one swimming around. Sadly one of them died later that night, but i got to take some better pics then


that is my pinky by the way, which measures in a mere 5/16 of an inch


Anyways, the there are still two alive (hopefully, ive been at work the past few hours) and while one is looking not so hot the other is looking pretty good. I dont have high hopes of raising these guys, but im going to try to raise a few from another hatch. There are also a bunch of local reefers interesting in trying to raise them, so hopefully someone will have some success with them!
Wow, that's incredible! Good job -- your parent horsies must be happy. Don't feel bad about the ones that died -- there's nothing you can do for them if you weren't expecting them.
Those little sluts didnt even wait for me to finish vacuuming out their dead before they started flirting with each other. So yes, i think they are very happy. The male has put back on his sexy colors and is looking very charming.

Anyways, now im doing research on the different methods of rearing them instead of doing thermo hw . . . .
thermo homework.... things get hot if you put them in an oven and get cold when you put them in the fridge:mrgreen:

Good luck on raising them, hope they arent like Biff's clowns
yes, bj you are correct, things get hot in the oven and cold when you put them in the fridge. The real question is: how complicated can we make it?

The answer is not pretty.