Sea Swirls --- Anyone ever used one?

I've installed two 1/2" in the corners using the corner brackets. information i get from those that have used them is that they last about 2 years. noticed the fit in the bracket was a bit tight so will see how they work soon. it i can bet two years well worth it.

:bounce: Here is my swirl in action. :bounce:

Right click save to your local computer.

Make sure you have quicktime installed then play the file.

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Very cool! Do you use only one, or one for each side of the tank?

I've been debating what type of powerhead to use in the new 135.

I only use one.... remeber this isnt a power head it is just something that moves side to side.

They actual water flow depends on the return pump.

Hope that helps....
Owner and creator of Sea Swirl lives close to me in NE PA. Will stand behind everyone sold- had one that was 4 years old that stopped movement- SeaSwirl replaced free of charge.

If you are looking for movement of water- this is one of the easiest ways and takes up little space versus other options.


I have had mine for about one year now and about every forth oscillation it makes a noise kinda like a quite cat meow.

Works great but a meeoooow noise about every 6 minutes can be very annoying.

Have you experienced similar issues.

It sounds like you may have a slight build up of Ca or Coraline etc. or just some wear where the pivot joint is.

I did have a similar sound at one point- a thourough cleaning and lubrication with a food grade silicone lubricant (not vaseline) took care of my issue and will not harm corals or inhabitants of your tank.

Hope that helps
Wife is a dental hygienist- used dental instruments- did not disassemble only cleaned areas I could get to with a long scaling instrument-
Along the pivot area, put a bead of food grade silicone and used side of finger to work into the housing where contact was occurring.

It did take some time but did work.
need to know

i'm building a fish tank and for the top cover i'm using ACYLYIC PLEXI GLASS. i was told that i need to use a compount cement to bond it together, however i am unable to find a product that says for ACRYLIC. do any of you fish loves know of a product that will work, or should i just order it off of the internet??????????????

P.S. sorry i don;t know how to start a new thread, but please move it to one and let me know how.