Sea horses


Reefing newb
Ok, so I am new to the whole saltwater thing, done freshwater for a long time... Cycling my tank and I know it will be a long time before I can have Sea Horses due to their fragile nature and water quality needs:grumble:... I am just trying to find some basic info on them and as far as tank mates, feeding, water parameters, and habitat are concerned, what is needed, I hope someone out there can help me. I am trying to plan ahead and decided which direction I would like to go so I can work that way with my tank! Thanks ahead for the info!
There are a couple of people on here that keep Seahorses. I'm sure they will be able to guide you with some good information.
I don't have sea horses, but both thr LFS's I go to near me have both commented on how my tank set-up would be a great Sea-Horse Habitat; two key things that you want, apparently, are a nice, deep sand bed and a lot of branch style rock as the horses will enjoy anchoring on to the "limbs"; stuff like this:

Fiji Kula Branch Live Rock XL: 50 lb.

As for tank mates, from what I have read, you typically want to keep sea horses by themselves, but you may add pipefish.

Lastly, check out this site too:
Seahorses for Sale: Live Seahorses for the Home Aquarium (Captive Bred)

Live Aquaria always has useful little blurbs (spell check?) about individual species (not so much on the sub-species, but that's what this site and books are for).
This is a seahorse diary I kept when I did do seahorses. It will give you some good ideas.

Melosu`s seahorse diary