Schooling Bannerfish?


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So I'm in a back and forth debate about putting a schooling bannerfish in my 90 gallon. I don't really want a school of them, just one, but the name implies they need a school to be happy. The planned stock list includes a firefish, midas blenny, white tail bristletooth tang, chocolate tang, flame angel, a pair of ocellaris, and possibly a Randall's goby. If I did put in a bannerfish, it would go in after the blenny, but before any of the more aggressive fish (tangs, angels, and clowns, oh my!). Does anyone have any experience with bannerfish? Are they fairly hardy, or more delicate like the butterflies they're listed with? Is a 90 really to small for them, like with a lot of the tangs? Do they actually need a school to be happy, or will one do ok by itself? Would they be ok with the rest of the stock list, or would the more aggressive fish harass it to death?
Oooo, this one is on my list too! Liveaquaria lists minimum tank size as 50g for this fish, despite the potential large size (which surprises me, but perhaps because its a peaceful fish it doesn't need as much room?) I'll be curious to hear others thoughts and experiences. My concern with this fish is whether it will be okay with more aggressive fish, or if it will be bullied. Can't wait to hear more as to whether you decide to get one!
my stock list includes a couple of banners. they don't need to be in schools to be happy, you can have just one. getting them to school you would have to introduce 2 or more of them into the tank at the same time, if you don't they will be aggressive towards each other. They should get along fine with blennies and from what i've read are extremely peaceful. i actually was at petco today looking at one in a tank full on damsels and the damsels would just swim right by it and not phase it. with your stock list and tank size, the addition of a bannerfish sounds like a good one to me.
The problem with banner fish is that only one of the species is reef safe, and its very challenging to identify which one you have in front of you. If that isnt an issue, they are probably one of the better choices of butterlyfish, its typically hardier.
The problem with banner fish is that only one of the species is reef safe, and its very challenging to identify which one you have in front of you. If that isnt an issue, they are probably one of the better choices of butterlyfish, its typically hardier.

If you order from Live Aquaria (where they have both the Schooling Banner and the look-a-like not reef safe B/W Heniochus), is it a safe bet that they will send you the right one?
So LA might send me the wrong one? That would totally SUCK! Do they have a record of doing that? Cuz that's where I was thinking of ordering a bannerfish. I would think that if they were advertising the B/W and the schooling, they would at least stop to make sure they had the right fish before sending it out!
No this is what happens. The collectors for LA bring in the butterflies, and they are sorted into their respective species. Bannerfish, all banner fish go in one tank, copperbands in another etc. They might be sorted by area collected, but not always. You go online and order one, and the fish guys go out there and scoop out a fish to send to you. Its not their fault if they send you one that isnt reef safe, that is a risk you have to take. Its not easy to tell them apart, and I doubt those guys are paid enough to do so.

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Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Schooling Bannerfish
Well that's just crappy. Perhaps the bannerfish is off the list for the 90 gallon reef. I may consider it for the new 50 FOWLR though. It's not really going to be exclusively FOWLR, since I'm planning on keeping a few softies in it. The stock list for it is a Lemonpeel Angel, a pair of Maroon Clowns, a Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, and an Antennata Lionfish. Nothing on that list is exceedingly un-reef-safe, so I was planning on throwing a few softies in for decoration. I could always try the "schooling bannerfish" in there and see if it leaves the softies alone. If it does, it could get transferred to the 90 reef.
Samhain, I've been eyeing that SAME fish on liveaquaria for months but kept worrying about getting the wrong one. They seem very difficult to tell apart. I couldn't understand why it wasn't a more popular fish on here, it's beautiful, big, not a huge tank requirement, and reef safe.
Heniochus diphreutes is the reef safe one. Heniochus acuminatus isn't. you can tell the difference by the anal fin, it sticks out more on acuminatus. otherwise it's hard to tell a difference
I don't know. I'm still debating back and forth. It's a beautiful fish, and it would round out my stock list nicely. I just don't know if it's worth the risk. Especially since my FOWLR isn't going to be up and running until midsummer at least (equipment to buy, cycling to do, etc.), and I would like to add more than two fish between now and then.....
Samhain, why not call Live Aquaria customer service and discuss the issue with them about making sure that they send the Schooling Bannerfish as opposed to a Heniochus. Worth a try. Both are great looking fish. I'm thinking of getting a Heniochus to go with my other 3 butterfly's. I figure since I already have 3 coral eaters 1 more won't make a difference. :frustrat:
Great idea! In this day and age of point-click-buy, it's easy to forget that we can pick up the phone and talk to a real live person!
Even the schooling bannerfish, I've read, can nip at soft corals, LPS and other inverts if they get hungry. Recommended to feed 2x a day, to thwart snacking on other things. So, it's a chance but...