sc 65 protein skimmer WOW


Reefing newb
I bought this protein skimmer :bowdown:

Im just amazed how it works

they are dirt cheap in ebay 75 shipped

got mine for 40 bucks :bounce:

Model# SC-65
This skimmer is designed to work for salt water tanks up to 65 Gallons of salt water.
Removable cup for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
Skimmer Size: 4.25" L x 7" W x 17" H
6 Levels of water flow adjustments
A 28watt, 1380 Liter/Hour flow Power Head pump is included.
One year manufacturer warranty (Warranty will be voided if pump run on dry)
Pump specs: 110-120V/60Hz 28watt, (1380 L/h) (needle pump)

I did the cheap mod and worked awesome!

For anyone that has one of these skimmers here is a cheap easy mod to reduce turbulence in the reaction chamber. This in turn reduces the foam head collapsing and increases production.

The issue is rooted in the barb fitting that is used on the pump outlet. This fitting directs the pumps output directly at the bubble plate with very close proximity to the bubble plate. Due to the small closed design of the skimmer this is about the best mod I could come up with (really just mimics the Bubble Magus NAC3.5), but it seems to be working very well.

Very simple. Just cut the barb off the output fitting flush with the portion of the fitting that secures the pump to the skimmer body:



this is a clone of the BM-NAC3.5 CONE SKIMMER half the price:

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