Saw something this morning - don't know what

chiqui bb

Reefing newb
I was watching the tank this morning and saw something moving around. Just wondering if anyone can identify from my description. Keep in mind that I saw it for 4-5 seconds before it got sucked into the powerhead. It was flesh tone in color and crescent shaped. At first I thought it was a piece of brine shrimp that had come dislodged from the substrate but it was actually moving, not just flowing with the water. It was about twice the size of the frozen brine shrimp that I use for food and didn't have the wispy/feathery look that the brine shrimp have. The movement was deliberate and looked like a worm when they bend in the middle and flip back and forth. It danced this jig up towards the top of the tank and then got sucked into the powerhead. Just a curious newbie trying to figure out what I saw.
might be a feather duster worm, i've seen a couple of them come out of thier tubes, and then go wiggle wiggle wiggle as they float towards the top, my clown normally eats them before they get to the surface...
Hmm...I've seen pics of bristle worms and it didn't look that rough around the edges. Maybe the feather duster project5k mentioned. I'll have to do some research on this. Can you tell I'm a newbie and really excited about seeing this? It's the first thing I've seen in the tank that I didn't actually put in there myself so it's interesting to me.
Whats being a newbie got to do with it :D As long as I've been in the hobby,I STILL get excited when I see some unknow critter in my tank.:D
I guess when I quit getting excited,I'll quit the hobby.
Thanks yote! I love that I can share these experiences with you guys. When I tell friends/coworkers/etc. they look at me like I'm crazy. I have to say that before I started this hobby, I probably would've had the same reaction! I was just looking at pictures of feather duster worms and I don't think that's what I saw.
I think you're right dcantuson. Especially after reading the description:
Amphipods are larger, and readily visible to the naked eye. They look like giant commas, they like to hide in the macroalgae.
It came from an area of substrate that has no LR and is covered with algae. It was shaped like a comma and did not have the long antennae.