Saving sand?


Nano Reefer
Wasn't really sure what section to post this question in but figured this would work. I bought a 10lb bag of the bioactive live aragonite sand and only used about 2 lbs of it. Is there any way to save this stuff?

I mean even if I store it somewhere in a bag and everything in it dries up and dies would it still be ok to use in another aquarium later as "base sand" if you will?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but live sand is a joke. What bacteria that is in it and then on a shelf for god knows how long is pretty much not worth half what you end up paying for it. If it was me I would dry out the sand then store it. It is good sand after all just that wet bio stuff...sitting in a air tight bag with no circulation...Anyway sun dry it then store it for later use. Btw I have bought it before as dont feel bad...I think of it as looking at fishing lures in the store...some catch fish some catch fisherman...however no one tells you which is which until you show up to go fishing....
I've always had good luck with it I've used it before I've just never saved it...I wasn't worried about keeping it "alive" or full of any beneficial bacteria but just wanted to know if I save it if it would become toxic or develop any harmful bacteria.
I have saved it. I sun dried it. Wasnt trying to be a dick about the sand. Like I said I have bought it...more then once. For me didnt see a big difference when I used dry sand instead and saved a lot of money. If is works for you then great. I took the sand I saved and spread it out on a table in the back yard for a couple of days. Once it was good and dry put it in big ziploc bags...used it a year later on another build worked just fine.
I used some of this along with dry sand to start my tank.

Kind of wish I hadn't. The particle size is inconsistent, it has a lot of random crap in it that is unattractive when turned over to the top of the sand bed.

Oh well...the next tank will have all black sand anyway.