Sarah's new 60 gallon!

Sarah, I just read entire thread and love your tank, I am totally new to this hobby so trying to learn as much as can. Ayhow, not sure if missed it but why did you get more lights? I just bought the Marineland Reef capable and hope they are enough for my tank. I initially have no intention on going to the more dificult corals but I know that may change.
Hi Bob! (and you grumpy old troll) Thanks for your kind words :)
I think I got the kessil light because I wanted to spend some money on the tank. It's been up and established for so long now that I felt like throwing some cash at it :) I love my marineland reef capable lights. I never wanted difficult corals and these leds worked out great for me. It's been a couple of years now and I thought, hey, why not put some more light on there and see if I get some more coral growth? Also, I wanted a little bit more blue light on my tank.
My koralias suck. They keep reversing and sucking water in. I finally had to pitch one and every other day I have to unplug and replug in the other one like 20 times until the blades spin correctly. Hey, powerheads, you have one friggin thing to do, push water out. I just ordered a tunze and it's on it's way, I'm very excited. There. There is your update. Enjoy. ;)
Are you mocking me?? :o I'd watch your step if so. I know, I am sooo cheesy with emoticons. Like a 50 year old that just got a phone and learned how to text.
My shrimp is gone. He's up in that shrimp heaven in the sky. I've had him since my biocube, Feb 2011. He was huge. I feel like I'm writing a pathetic eulogy here. Is that spelled right? Listen, I can't be bothered with spelling right now, I'm grieving. Huge piece of shrimp meat in the tank. Looks delicious, I'm not gonna lie.
Mmmm, I believe outback is having an all you can eat shrimp fest. You order a steak. They bring you 4 shrimp with it. You eat them and say you want more. You wait 20 minutes. You get 4 more shrimp. You get bored. You leave. It's' genius. It's not all you can eat, it's all you have time for.
Rest of the tank is doing great. gsp is taking over and crowding out my zoas. Annoying.
Heyyyyyy guys! Update. My Marineland led light is done for. Fried. It's hard cause it's so close to the water and humidity and lights just kept going out. And finally, nothing. I have 1 Kessil A350W now and it is NOT enough for a 4 foot tank, that's for sure! So, I guess I have to spend another $450 and get another Kessil and gooseneck. Crap. All my fish are doing great. Well, my chalk basslet died. He was sort of my favorite too. I'm not sure if I love how BLUE my tank is with just the Kessil. So, here are some crappy pics, cause I know if I don't post any then I'm a loser. A loser with an old ass build thread ain't nobody wanna read.


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i still follow your build!

why not just sell the kessil a350W and get a single evergrow IT2080 which is adjustable to your color preference with two potentiometers/dimmers on single channels?

sorry to hear about your fish loss but glad that the others are doing well! head up!
I still check in on your thread as well once in awhile :). I can back up the evergrows as well. I just got the it2060s and my corals are loving it. Really cool fixtures. Good luck with your decision ! I'll be tagging along.
Thanks monkiboy! Let me go check out that light, love to research tank stuff....
sure thing. i think once you start to research you'll realize you have heard or seen them before. they are wildly popular for their value and performance. if interested, let me know and i can have you join in on one of the group buys i host from time to time through ERC/ glad to help out!
I as well still look forward to your updates. I love my Kessil vary much. I can't remember the dimensions of your tank. But one of my friend has a tuna blue wide paired with a A150w ocean blue for his 60g cube and it looks amazing.
Anyways thanks for the update :)