Sand Sifter on the Glass


Reefing newb
I have had a Sand Sifter Star-fish for about 5 or 6 months now and I had never seen him climb the glass on the tank and today he did! Its kinda freaking me out because it gets all the way to the top and he even fell. Is this normal? Could it be because I rearranged the tank about a week ago?
Could be. Can we get a little more information on your system?

Sandsifters typically don't do well long-term in our tanks. He could be on the prowl for food.
I agree, it's looking for food and not finding it. They eat up your live sand and when there's no more then they die. I would not put one in my tank. I've already made that mistake.
A lot of clubs have one or two that get passed around since they typically will use up all the edible stuff in a normal sand bed rather quickly. In my experience my start only tried to climb out when he wasn't happy
I agree with Erin on this it's sad that critters like this are in the hobby. There cool yes but our systems can't not support there needs long term.