salinity way high


something smells fishy
just checked my salinity and its way high like 1.032 high. I have the water here but how slowly do I qadd the water to drop it?
Have you been topping off with RODI water or salt water? Also I would replace one gallon of salt water with one gallon of RODI water a day for about a week and it should be back to normal.
instant ocean hydo. been topping off with saltater until i read and article on here and it prompted me to check the salinity.
Yea dont keep topping off with saltwater, the salt in the water is not evaporated off so the salt stayes in the water.
Hydrometers are notoriously inaccurate and need to be replaced every few months. First I'd recommend asking your LFS to test your salinity with a refractometer before you start to bring it down - it might not in fact be as high as your hydrometer is reading it. Second, I'd recommend buying a refractometer (they run about $50), which will be far more accurate to test your salinity!

If it is indeed that high, then you want to bring it down slowly - not more than .001 per day. As Jimboaf says, for a 65g, you can take out about 1g a day from your tank and replace it with RO/Di water. I am guessing that a gallon will change your salinity by about .001. In my 10g tank an 8oz glass changed my salinity by .001. If a gallon change doesn't bring it down that much, then up to 1.5 or 2g. You can drip it in over a few hours if you want, but I don't think its going to be a huge deal if you do it all at once. That said, what do you have for livestock? If you have any really fragile animals, then you should probably drip it. Ideally you want to bring your salinity down to about 1.025-1.026

And +1, don't top off with saltwater - just RO/DI.
yeah found that out! I need to take more care in checking the water, my last test on the water was in april. Everthing checked out good except the salinity and the nitrate was a little high. hopefully adding the water will lower it some.
tank is still about 2" low on water so can I jst add the water each day until full then start replacing water until the right salinity is met. I thik everything I got is pretty hardy since I havent killed them.
Yes, if the tank is low, then start by adding a gallon a day until it's at the correct water level, then replace the saltwater with some RODI each day.