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Ok folks, I am merging the 3g pico into a 10g here at the office, since it is my only tank right now I'll do a build and such.

Equipment list to come. The extra water space left is for the water from the 3g and LR. I'll move it over once its all dissolved and temps equal out a bit.

I'm hoping to avoid any sort of cycle since the tanks are right next to each other.

I plan on increasing any coral I have with a mix of SPS/Softies/LPS once I get my light. I am either going to get my 150w MH back from my 40g when my in laws break it down(they are always out of town) or a 72W T5 4 bulb setup from Aquatraders.

For water movement the skimmer should push enough at first until I start adding more when I'll grab a k2 or similar.


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Well, here the tank is with the sand settling down. Coral looks a little happy, and the snails are pissed some because of a slight difference in salinity. But clearing up by the hour.

I ordered my new light tonight VERY happy to have got free shipping!

Odyssea T5 High Output Lighting

Edit: The light on it is from the 3g(used some putty for the coral to keep the light up there)


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It shouldn't hopefully have much of any cycle. I mixed in all of the water/rock from my 3g so its basically a water change that added 6 gallons instead of taking away.

Light should be here friday!

UPS: Tracking Information

My snails did not make the transfer(notice the brown from their death over the weekend) I've got some more clean up crew on the way via wife messenger to get things back to perfecto!

Once I get the little death and decay of snail bits taken care of I'll probably be putting in another 20lbs of LR(approx) as you can tell it just has what was in the 3g right now. I'm thinking a small clown(I'll move it to a 40g when/if it ever gets too big) I'm running a pretty big skimmer for a 10g so I should be able to keep the clown and still maintain low enough nutrients to start up some SPS action. I'll need to pick up a couple powerheads before that happens though.

Water is a little murky from cleaning the sand residue off the glass. Debating blacking off the back, normally I would but the people sitting in the station behind like to watch the fish.


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Light finally got here! Included a reference pic to see level of intensity change! Very stoked to see the growth now!


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Snapped a few decent pictures of my coral up close. I really like how well they came out from my cell. No enhancements made with software.


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Added a K2 today, traded it for my old 3g. Blew sand up a bit while I was getting it where I wanted it. I'll grab some pics tomorrow when it has settled again.
So, it took like almost 2 months for the sand to settle!

I kid, but I did get some pics tonight. I have been battling a hair algae issue. I figured it out finally. I had purchased some premixed water and RO water from the LFS and assumed it would be correct in salinity. Turns out it was at 1.031 specific gravity!

This I am assuming was the cause of my invert die off when I added the water and bought some more snails/hermits.

So, with that issue passed my tank quickly has cleared back up. Hope ya'll like the new pics. Got some before and after the 10ks went off.

I hope to start adding SPS once I have about a month or so of steady conditions and about 15lbs of LR added.


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looking good , ill keep watching this thread to see what coloration your coralline gets all i seem to get is bright green , need to get me some zoa colonies
Looks good. I also have a 10g in my office and I love having it. Great way to escape from @$$hole customers! I'll share some pics soon and look forward to watching this thread!