Running Bio Pellets

For those using these, how much movement of the media do you need? I am running 2 cups of pellets in a TLF Phosban 550 (modified per their instructions for pellets) and with a MJ1200 i am getting movement at the top of the pellets, but not much movement at all in the bottom half or so of the pellets. I'ts been a month now and I have not seen any decline in phosphates - and i want to make sure I have the reactor set up correctly
You should have enough flow that all the pellets are tumbling. Warner Marine says at least 100GPH but I've found I need more. I have a Rio 1400 pushing mine and it is about perfect for what I am running. 2 cups is 500ML of pellets. Your reactor may be a bit small for this amount however.
I bought a kit right from my LFS that was from TLF that had the craft needle plastic stuff, you cut one for the bottom of the diffusion plate and one for the top by the return to keep the pellets in the reactor. I am running less than the 8 inches of media suggested by TLF. I did notice that some sites recommend an Ehiem pump for use with this reactor, which has a higher output by about 200 gph. I guess I either need to look into a better feed pump, a better reactor, or both
It has been a while since you guys (Fast & North if I got that right) installed your bio-pellet reactors. How about a couple of up-dates, please. I'm thinking to install one... so..

Also, do you run a Kalk-reactor with them? Or do you dose limewater?
Still running mine. I am about to switch pumps though, as I switched reactors. I do not run a kalk reactor or lime water at all in my system.
Thank you, that info counts... so.. I guess that means you are still happy with it? Else you would be adding limewater or something.... right? "Sides I think your would of said so.. dauh.

Not going to... but I was thinking to run my return to sump water off a tee and valves so it would feed a bio-pellet reactor then I realized it would be too high in saturated air bubbles.

So, humm, I have my fuge pump cut way back to trickle feed the fuge... that wasted energy could feed a bio-pellet rig off a tee and additional control valve. .. it could even live in my skimmer annex so it feeds the skimmer easily.

So I have a plumbing project to do... great more irons in the fire... but we love that don't we?

Any more suggestions...??
I have a 38 gallon reef tank and I run TLF NPX Bioplastics (500ml) in a Phosban 150 reactor, and I keep a chunk of chaeto in the back of my tank, and without having performed a water change in about 10 months now I have maintained undetectable levels of nitrates in my system. I swear by the stuff.