I'm Running Bio-Pellets Should I Run My UV Sterilizer?


Reefing newb
Okay so I have been running my Bio-Pellet Reactor for about 3 months now and water conditions are great. About 1 month ago I added my 3 Tangs (Blue Hippo Tang, White Cheek Gold Rim Tang and a Blue Hippo Tang). They have been eating me out of house and home (they eat Rod's Food Seaweed Sheets, about two sheets per day at a minimum). They are active swimmers and never had an issue. But yesterday I came home to find the start of Marine Ich (mostly on the Blue Hippo Tang but some slight signs on the other two). I have stopped using my UV Sterilizer because of of the Bio-Pellet Reactor but I'm thinking that my reactor has built up a nice bacteria colony within the last three months inside the reactor. Would it be logical to fire up the UV Sterilizer to at least assist in killing the Marine Ich when their in their free floating stage? I'm thinking it should cause minimal to no effect on the Bio-Pellet Reactor since all the magic happens within in. What are your thoughts?