Rufftimes 90g build


Reefing newb
This is my new build after being out of the hobby for about four years! A lot has changed, particularly the advances made in LED lighting. It didn't take me long to get sucked back in, and luckily I have a better half who has ended up being more addicted than I am!The tank is your standard 90g oceanic with megaflow overflow. 20g long sump underneath. A big difference from my old 180, but this size fits perfectly in the dining area of our house. Skimming is via a Bubble Magus curve 9, and two jebao wp25 twin powerheads provide a ton of great flow. Lighting is provided by two Rapid Led Onyx fixtures and controlled by the new Bluefish LED controller, which I absolutely love. Great wireless control from your phone and does all sorts of gimmicky stuff to keep me playing around. The tank has been up and running for a few months now, and is doing better than any tank I've had prior. No significant algae blooms, looks great and is easy to maintain!Right now, the tank is constantly being added to, but I have a nice little reef starting up

Corals currently in the tank are:
Birds of paradise
assorted zoas and palys
branching hammer
green star polyps
neon green trumpets
one head of acan lol
one frag of favia
one huge Elegance

Pair of Picasso Clownfish
Purple firefish that always hides
Coral Beauty
and my favorite and hardest to find - Magnificent foxface

I also have a pistol shrimp, blood shrimp and RBTA that the clowns have taken to


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wish my husband was into it. he lets me do whatever i want with it but he isnt interested. if i could figure out how to graft on big tires and make my fish greasy without killing them then game on