48" t5 tek light 8x54w!!


Reefing newb
hi - i picked this up from a local reef club member for my sister and thought i was going to use it on my her first and new 90g tank i am setting up. she insisted on LEDs so now i am selling this for her so she can help fund the LED purchase she wants to make.

it's a 48" 8x54w t5 tek light in great condition!

this model comes with two 8-foot cords, each controlling 4 lamps. it is fan-cooled, has high efficiency reflectors, and has a powder-coated aluminum body, and an acrylic splash shield.

i also will include the mounting feet and hanging kits for it so you'll have the options as to how to use it!

this is it: http://www.aquacave.com/Tek-Light-EL...ply-P2681.aspx

it's listed @ $580 new before shipping and i'm happy to ship it and happy to make a deal for a reefer from this club before posting on craigslist.

it's in fantastic shape and ready to go. it comes with all bulbs but they probably need to be replaced if you are doing a reef tank.

i can provide brand new ATI bulbs that i just got that i won't be using as well at additional cost.

i'd be selling for around $320, or best offer.

i'd be happy to ship as well.