fs: (8) PAR38 LED 36w bulbs (brand-new)


Reefing newb
i got 8 of these less than a year ago and was going to use for a sweet elongated in-wall room divider/separator 32g tank that never transpired.

i paid $72.99 shipped for each of them and just found them in my garage loft while cleaning out and am trying to clear them out in a jiffy. i have seen a few pico and nano tanks starting up so perhaps someone wants an awesome deal on a swell PAR38 LED bulb.

i am selling each for $62 SHIPPED! if you're interested in more than one, i'd be happy to negotiate further as i really do want them gone!

each bulb has 12 3w LEDs, 3 warm white 3500k, 8 blue 450nm, and one cooler white at 6500k. it comes with the a standard E27 base so it fits in any ol' socket around the house or clamp light. when lit it produces a color i would describe around 14-16k, not too blue or too white.

shoot me a PM if you have any questions and/or are interested - thanks!