marineland reef-capable 36-48" LED system


Reefing newb
marcos jr
shipping from washington, dc area
[email protected]

i'm selling a brand new marineland reef capable lighting systems. this is the 36-48" model.

it has not even been opened yet.

i am selling because i thought i was going to use it but no longer need it.

i had a different unit (same model) on my 46g bow front that supported all my corals and even grew SPS so this guy can handle it all.

here's a chance to buy a brand spanking new light from a swell guy that will make the sale super easy with fast handling and shipping.

let me know if you have any questions about them and/or if you're interested!



i am selling for $195 SHIPPED!!

here is the manufacturer blurb about this setup:


LED Reef Capable Lighting System

Reef capable - Saltwater - Coral - Marine Life - Planted Freshwater
Adjustable to fit aquariums 36" - 48"
50,000 lifetime hours of light
42 - 1watt Blue and White LEDs with 2610 Lumens
10,000K white
460nm actinic blue
Energy Efficient
Slim sleek stylized lighting profile
Mimics underwater effect of sunlight

Three mode on/off switch - allows you to provide a variety of lighting profiles including daytime, lunar, and off positions.
Single Power source - low voltage power supply increases safety and peace of mind. Less cords, less clutter.
Flexible mounting system - stylish yet adjustable mounting legs offer flexibility in tank sizes. Adjustable to fit tanks 36" to 48" wide.
Polycarbonate lens shimmer effect - mimics underwater effect of sunlight
Daylight LED lamps - 1 watt LED system provides higher output than typical single fluorescent bulb lighting. Energy efficient system that doesn't require any bulb replacement.
Lunar LED lamps - energy efficient light that replicates the moon light cycle.
Shimmer effect, polycarbonate lens - lenses specifically designed to enhance and protect the light.
1 year performance warranty from manufacturer.

please pm or email me for information. i will take this down once this has sold. thanks!!