Rod's Food


Stop Quoting Me!
For all of you that use Rod's food. I have a question.

Have any of you noticed that Rod's Food stinks like ass...and not just regular ass, it's like nuclear toxic ass. I'm talking about the original recipe. I know it's supposed to be good food, and my fish do seem to love it, but I just cannot put that stuff in my tank anymore.

I pulled it out of the freezer to feed the fish, opened up and said.."Nope, not doing it" and just tossed it in the garbage.

In no way, am i trying to disparage Rod's Food. I've used it for quite awhile, I've actually met Rod..I just can't do it anymore.
Hey Smitty is that the EX-"Mrs. Smitty" supreme tank killer of the universe standing behind you in your avatar?

Woooo.... I'm on Fiya!:D
Mine just smells like seafood. And I only really notice it if I touch it and it's on my fingers. I hate seafood.
Mine smelled sooooo bad that when I threw it away I took it outside of the house.

Now that's stinky.

I wonder if I got some sort of a bad ever see Jaws, when they're chumming the waters and Sheriff Brody has got his mouth and nose covered? That's what it smelled like..Not fishy at all..It smelled like dead rotten ass.
That reminds me of that home-made sunburn cream my wife bought from the natives on our honeymoon......

I wont say what that smelled like, but I wanst rubbing that :pooh: on me!!!

I'd rather peel, thank you.
I think you got a bad batch. My Rod's Food has never smelled like that! And I have a very sensitive nose to seafood!

Did it ever thaw and then you refroze it? Maybe it went bad?
No it smelled like that from day one. It was just a sample pack that I bought to mis in with the other foods...from day one,it stunk so bad that if I used it I would immediately have to run up and wash my hands.

Never got thawed. I bet it got thawed out at the store and they re-froze it.
I am in therapy for my fetish of smelling fish food. I can't stop smelling fish food, I mix it with my chinese food. Lol. OMG peoples!! Rod's food is the cat's meow. I do know that my fish go absolute bezerk and can't get enough of it. One fish doesn't eat it, just sits there and smells it ; kinda odd. But - unless you have a 1 gallon tank, ,,,, does it really smell the tank up? Now that you mention it, I am washing my hands after feeding because it is stinky. Lol.