Refigium and Filter Media


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So I have chaeto that I will put in my new tanks refigium when I get it but what else do you suggest?

Should I get the miracle mud?
Other macroalgae?
Live Rock Rubble?
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Also do I put the chaeto and what not in right away before it has cycled or do I have to wait?

What filter media would you suggest? I am going to get chemi-pure for carbon because I have heard it is really good.
I would go with a deep layer of sand over the mud. Chaeto is a good macroalgae, that's all I have in my fuge. Live rock rubble is good because it provides a habitat for pods. You can put the chaeto in right away.

ChemiPure is good stuff, I like it too.
do you have any idea how much miracle mud I should get for the finnex refigium? I don't know the dimensions but the main tank is 30 gallon

what does the mud do?

any other filter media I should get?
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Miracle mud or sand?
That would be a personal choice.Miracle mud is beneficial for copepods,worms that bury in the sand which feeds the DT.It has trace elements that it release into the water.Its also good for root-like macro algae like man-grooves.Go at least 3'' which ever you choose.The stuff is expensive,sand will be fine too.

Chaeto is really all you need.Stay away from cualerpa algae,which can become evasive if it enters the DT.Shaving brush is another good one.I wouldn't put it in til the cycle is complete.

Chemipure is a good choice.At this stage,I can't see you needing anything else.Maybe some floss/filter pads to trap large particles.