Reefing newb
I normally don't do reviews but I felt I had to. I purchased a " rescue crew" from reefs2go. 29.99 with free shipping. It includes
10 nass
10 cerith
10 blue legs
10 larger shells
1 emerald crab
250 pods
And whatever macro they have on stock. ... I can't post pics bit the macro looks like some sort of marine grass with roots. I really just got this kit for the pods. Because pods from anywhere else are 20-30 dollars. I received my package and I am pleased to say I did not have one death. It shipped USPS on Monday and made it to my house today. The snails are def on the smaller side. They postponed my shipment once, so they threw in 250 free pods. However. Their was not much water in any of the bags. So I acclimated the crabs for about 3 hours. Just due to the stress factor. I am 125% pleased and will absolutely do business with them. I def took a chance. And all I can say is I am a satisfied customer