Reefs2Go Zoas

Atlantic Sea Farms did the same thing to me, sort of. I ordered a few WYSIWYG frags from them, and a few stock frags as well. I never got the yellow polyps that were WYSIWYG, but got a double on another stock frag instead. I wasn't terribly upset, since the stock frag was actually more expensive than the WYSIWYG frag. Plus the frags were huge and several came with "extras", meaning they had zoa or paly polyps of a different variety in addition to the variety that was ordered. All in all, I'm not entirely certain about going with reefs2go. I've heard enough bad stuff about them to be wary. And in this hobby, when ordering over the internet it is absolutely buyer beware!
Yeah, this will probably be my last order from them for a bit, Just want to see what pans out and if the reputation gets any better. Right now some of the zoas are starting to open up but the colors are definitely not what was advertised on a few of the frags. Gonna give it a few more days see how they color up.
I had a bad experience with their zoas - ordered 5 frags during a sale a few months back; 2 arrived with virtually no polyps on them, and 3 of the 5 colonies completely vanished within a week or so. The only ones that survived were whammin watermelons (which I already had) and blueberry hill (which don't look anything like the pictures, they are just a standard blue with reddish brown skirts. Both have zoo pox and only the blue ones have grown a little. I hope you have better luck.

I had the exact same thing happen to me about the same time. Must have been the same sale. I thought maybe it was just me since this was the first time I ordered corals from them.

I've ordered pods and inverts numerous times from R2G and never had problems.
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Well all of mine seem to be opening up after a day. It looks like i did get all of the correct ones (even though the colors are off) compared to the reference pictures they had. My Barney's arent anywhere close to the purple shown, and the centers look more pinkish than anything. Hopefully they color up with some TLC. The Cherry bombs appear to be the right color, the fire and ice have a more orangish skirt and more of a white center... again hoping these colors saturate again... The Bam Bams look right .
Colors will vary depending on the lighting in each tank. No coral will look the same under two different tanks' lights, especially zoas. It doesn't necessarily mean the colors were falsely advertised.
I'm not saying they were falsely advertised, and I havnt had them in the tank and them open long enough to determine what they really look like. I know different light setups will produce varying colors on zoas, and that stock photos arent wysiwyg. I was just commenting on my luck with my setup.
Don't expect much when you order zoas from them, they are TINY! We ordered candy apples and that's not what we got. Ours took over a week to open.. I think there were 5 polyps and I think we have 2 or 3. We did get a ricordea from them and it is doing very well though :) We also got 20 blue legged hermits and probably have half of them now.