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Just ordered 4 frags of zoas from R2G. Barney's, Cherry Bombs, Bam Bams, and Fire and Ice zoas. Will post them pics people love when they get in, should be the same as the new lights so, all in all, a good week!.

Also R2G has exceptional deals going right now with their BOGO's and their shipping. I recommend anyone looking to make some buys right now go check them out.

I should also add that my entire order was 70 bucks and contained 1250 pods 20 nass snails and 4 zoa frags. Shipping was free after $50.
I had a bad experience with their zoas - ordered 5 frags during a sale a few months back; 2 arrived with virtually no polyps on them, and 3 of the 5 colonies completely vanished within a week or so. The only ones that survived were whammin watermelons (which I already had) and blueberry hill (which don't look anything like the pictures, they are just a standard blue with reddish brown skirts. Both have zoo pox and only the blue ones have grown a little. I hope you have better luck.
I got my midas blenny from them, awsome fish, he came in good shape and quickly made himself at home in my tank. However months later they tried to charge me for the order again. Very strange.
well we shall see how the roll of the dice goes on this one I suppose. The order is in can't do much but wait now. Still going to be upbeat and hope for the best.
Ive ordered many times from Reefs2go, both fish died, they weren't lookin too good when I got them, very tiny fish, each less than an inch big, I no longer order fish from them, next was a pistol shrimp that was DOA, He molted on the trip to me, I imagine thats why he died, all other inverts have arrived ok, no problems Reefs2 go always made it right by me , thats why I continue to order from them, they do have some awsome deals and thier pods are HUGE!!
My Order comes in today any minute now. Ill instantly update this when i see the results of a "might be sketchy" purchase.
They had Rock anemones on sale, 4.99 each, I got 2, they just got here less than an hour ago and are acclimating as I type, I have a purty yellow one I got yesterday with a different order, its doing fine, as far as fish, I would never order fish online, I would rather by those at LFS, corals I got from them are doing fine
Id never order anything again from them...

And heres the link

and this quote from Biff now has me laughing really hard!

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Do NOT buy from this website unless u want or like to get f#%ked in the butt.

Cathic immediately types in and starts putting items in his shopping cart...


Sarah :x:

OMG!!!! That was nearly 2 years ago... And is coming back to hilariously haunt us! :rofl:
Dear God.... Anyways, Got the shipment in, pods were all fine, nass snails were small but all appear to be living and when they went in the tank they all went to the sand.... so thats a good sign.

As for the frags, most of them were more than 5 polyps ea, so I guess I got some luck there, they all seem to be ok after I acclimated them, though 1 may not be doing so well, I guess the next few days will show if they actually made it. The frags were cut from rock, and the cuts look brand f*cking new, so I assume they cut and sent within the same day or two. They were smaller cuts as well (which is expected I guess since they were 5 polyp frags). Some of them are starting to open up but until they are fully opened I wont be able to tell anything.

On a plus side, they were all shipped extremely well cold packs with no leaks bagged properly etc. styrofoam coolers. The packing list said it included airline tubing for drip acclimating and it had detailed instructions but there was no tubing (not that it mattered, I had my own).

All in all I can't say they did me wrong, but time will tell of the quality of the purchase. Hopefully all my frags make it out alive and thriving. I guess I'll keep this updated.

The humorous part of the purchase was on 2 of the notes I got included in the package (generic for all packages from them I assume) but they did state if something was wrong please call or email them to fix the problem before saying that they were bad people. I chuckled since there seems to be a large quantity of threads and PR that backs that maybe they could be a questionable vendor.

None the less, at this point im happy to have frags that arent dead and snails that were doing fine. So I won't rate them bad... yet.
I love that they included the "bad people note"
Glad you gave us an update Cathic and got your order ok, hope you post pics and that the zoas florish...
Ima get the pics up tomorrow hopefully they will be well acclimated and feeling good enough to open up, it looks like i might have gotten their razberry creme polyps instead of the cherry bombs... slightly depressing.