Is OverStocked - $4.99 Green Star Polyps & More
Help!! just got 4 HUGE shipments

Help us with our overstock and get some SUPER deals on these items and MORE!![/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]

Green Star Polyps- ONLY $4.99

Brian from Orlando said - "I received my GSP on time and everything was great, The piece i got was twice as big as they said. I love reefs2go. I buy everything from here!"

Feather Dusters -

ONLY $6.99 each
Sharyn from SC stated "Got 3 for my 120. All 3 were "blooming" in their acclimation container! Very healthy, and nicely sized. I love it that they don't go into hiding just because one of the fish swims by...they're out nearly all the time."

Yellow Polyps - ONLY $8.99

Jeff of Baltimore raved "I am so impressed with this coral. It opened within an hour of adding it to my tank after acclimation. All of the polyps show great extension, and the color is very bright. I couldn't be happier."

Many other Saltwater Fish specials as well!! And GREAT Freebies for ALL orders over $40