Reef safe eels

No Crustation is safe in a tank with any eel !! If I where to put one in a reef tank, it would be a Blue Ribbon Eel b/c they don't get very big & that's less chance of your corals being knocked over & around all the time. Besides, if you have a "very small" tank than an eel is the last thing that you should be putting in your tank. they can be a messy animal so your water quality would always be horrible plus Eels' just don't belong in smal tanks to begin with. I think the minimum tank size is supposed to be a 55 gallon? Don't worry...some of the experts will soon be here to tell you why it's a bad idea.
+1 Chuck...snowflake eels are one of the least aggressive eels also, that "may" be ok, as long as it's small.
Any of the ribbon eels would be a terrible choice IMO for anything but a species only tank. They are some of the more aggressive eels out there, and will go after fish much much bigger than they are. They are also hard to get to eat frozen food.

but snowflake eels can be model citizens in a reef tank if introduced last.

But they should be in at least a 55, most eels will require bigger tanks.
I thought they would. A recently deceased Fish Store Owner of 25 years was telling me about the Blue Ribbon Eel. With 25+ years of experience & him being a good friend of mine, I don't see why he would have lead me wrong.
He had 5 tanks in his home...a 180..2 55's...a 40 gallon breeder...and a 29 gallon Seahorse nano. He had the Blue Ribbon in his 180. He never said how long he had it in his reef, but It was in there since I met him almost 2 years ago.
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Nice find BL1!

But to the OP, white ribbon eel is different from the blue ribbon eel you originally asked about.

Yep, the beginning of the article talks about the blue ribbon type eels then talks about how the white ribbons are different.