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im thinking about getting the Octopus ext 160 the 2010 model anyone know if these are quieter or loader??? compared to the coralife Super skimmer needle wheel 125 i have now??


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I can't comment on that particular model, but I have run a different Octopus skimmer for years, and I can't say that there is any noticeable noise associated with it.
thanks biff, and i read on the forum that you have the best Chaeto,once i get my new refugium up and running ill have to get with you about sending me some of your super chaeto
I wouldn't worry about which one is louder, but which one works better.

I have the MSX160, same as the Octopus 160X, and its very quiet. You only hear a slight pump noise when I open my stand doors

I have no experience with the other skimmer mentioned
ok i got my octopus ext 160 today and was reading the instruction to understand it before i install it this weekend and other than pitting it together their is no clear instruction on how to set it all it says is plug it in, turning the open/close pipe to adjust the water level for skimming. how do i know what the correct water level is if this is my first time using one???? my fuge has a 9" baffle for the skimmer section does that tell me anything?? Help, id like to know what im doing before i put it to use and pull all my hair out dong the wrong thing.
The 160 works best in 8 to 10 inches of water, so you lucked out there.

Put it in the skimmer chamber and turn it all the way open and let it run. You may not get any bubbles at all, depending on your bioload. The bubbles will start out large and 'POP" quickly. After the skimmer starts to break in, the bubbles will look more like foam and start pulling skimmate from the system. This may take weeks. Every couple days, turn the pipe closed just a hair, and you will start seeing a difference in the performance
I have that one (2009 model). It is a kick ass skimmer. I'd set the bubbles to the bottom of the cup and just wait for the foam to develop. Putting your hands in the tank or adding some types of addatives will make it stop working temporarilly.