Reef LED lights


Reefing newb
Hi everyone,
I am new in salt water aquarium world. I need help with choosing the right LED lights for my 36" 55g salt water tank

I just star running the water with the live rocks, and i believe i would need to get the lights before i decide to get fish and corals

I was currently looking at the deep blue 236 and razor
Razor are much pricier
With so many options on the market + being new into this world - I'm confused
How about reefbreeders?

The best right now is the Ecotech Radion and GHL Mitras. Build quality, customer service, features, ease of programming... but they are more than double your budget.

Or you can get a really nice T5 or MH/T5 combo setup and grow anything.
In your price range, you could go with something like this:


Keep in mind though, for your tank you would need 2 fixtures. This holds true for most the lights that were discussed here. Reefbrite aslo makes LED's that at more of a "bulb" type. As well as what Dennis has mentioned, you may also want to look at the Kessil fixtures. You should be able to find a good used Kessil A350 for about 300.00 per light, again, you would need 2 of them.
Thanks a lot
That is very helpful
What do you guys think about deep blue or Razor?
Is any of those brands good enough ?
On a 36" tank one of the Kessil A350W would work I think. It doesn't penetrate the water like the regular A350 because of the wide angle lense, but unless your wanting to go SPS heavy, I think you'd be fine. sells a 36" light u only need one of those $449. has good prices! You can customize your layout too! Do research and take your time! The reefbreeder photon series are controllable so u can dim them up or down every 15 minutes. The rapidled lights are controlled by an apex or a manual knob. Reefbreeders come with moonlights rapidled doesn't buy you can add and customize them however you want.
yeah . Im just looking at them =)
So what about - My reef is 28" long. and it's in the middle of the tank. What degree optics should i go for for best effect ?

p.s. Excuse my maybe stupid questions, but i am very new into this aqua world
I am about to order Reef Breaders Photon 32 but I have no idea which option to get? The fixture comes with 60, 90 or 120 degree optics
Please help !!??!
First, I suggests emailing them! Especially before you spend all that money! They have awesome customer support.

My suggestions is 60 degree lenses on the whites and blues and 130 degree lenses on the colored ones. This way the colors spread throughout your tank more and the blues and whites get down to your corals.
Thank you. I'm bad contacting costumer services, but that's a great idea
I didn't knew you can actually have different degrees on differen colors, that's really cool
I will definitely contact them