receding candycane coral???


Reef pro
Hey guys...a lil help. My new candy canes' tissue has been receding from the base, and showing white skeleton, and is almost at the started doing it before I got my new lights, so I just thought that it was the old lighting. Now that I have the new t5's, will that make a difference, or is this issue because of something else.
ph 8.2
temp. 80*
nitrite 0
nitrate 0
amm 0
sal 1.025
phos .25 or so

Its not in too much flow, although you can see the flesh on the heads moving...and I have it at the top of the tank close to the lights. It did fall once between the rocks a week ago while moving rocks around. I've also noticed that the tenticles don't come out anymore and it won't eat when I try to spot feed, I've ran out of ideals. Somebody help me out if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks:D
When if feel it could've damaged tissue, which will kill corals. I barely scraped a head of my frogspawn on a rock and the head is about 80% dead, but slowly coming back. Whats your cal?
how long have you had it?

Is it on all the heads or just a few? If it is on all the heads,I would guess it is a water parameter issue. If it is just one or two, it probably got damaged when it fell. Since the receding has slowed, it will probably pull through.
I just got it about a week or two ago...the tissue is receding from the base, on one side only though, and the heads are kinda wrinkled but still full of color and flesh...its just the side of the base thats losing tissue. I was thinking that too much flow maybe, or my old pc lights were too weak.
i bet that it is still aclimating to your tank and that it got a bit beat up on the car ride home. keep us posted

BTW hows the back treating you?
I hope stated it fell once and I also have brand new lights, so it could be acclimating...
my back is doing better, still sore as heck, but doing better, I went to the dr office yesterday, he did an x-ray and looked at the scar and then called me wolverine off of xmen, cause i'm healing so quickly. lol
nice good to hear you are feeling better. any word on when you'll be back to work?

try moving it into a shadier spot. the light might be too much for it
He said in about 4months I can return to full duty...
and do you think it's in too much light, I thought they liked a lot of light. right now its about 6-8in from the lights(4x54)
it might be too much light while it is recovering.
Not sure what the LFS had them under but I usually place my new peices at the bottom and work their way up to where I want them. Just to give them time to get used to the new water conditions.

That is just my oppinion.
yeah, I asked the lfs owner, and he said not to worry cause he has them under 250 watt mh, and that my lights are not as strong, so no need to light acclimate. But I think that I'll place them in the sand or something tomorrow...what about flow, what do you suggest?
Bjs right Smitty.You'll have to acclimate all new corals to those T-5s.They'll bleach out just as quick under them as they would under 250 watts of metal halides.
Glad to hear your backs doing better to.
Ok...I'll do, but it started doing this while under the old pc lights that I had, and the bulbs were almost a year old.