Re-introduction and a new tank


Reefing newb
I introduced myself here a couple of years ago, but my wife and I sort of got out of the hobby and converted our 29g into a freshwater. The tank didn't do well with our move into our new house, we had a protein skimmer leak and some coral die. We got mad at the skimmer leak (that we didn't catch) doing some damage to our floor and we called the LFS and had him come get the remaining fish and coral. We immediately regretted converting it to freshwater. Well, we just purchased a 120 gallon tank and a whole lot more. We are waiting for the brackets to hang our Photon 48" LEDs from so that we can fill it up with the water from the RO/DI unit we just bought. We have a lot of work ahead, but it is going to be a blast.
welcome back and good luck i know the frustration that comes with saltwater tanks i lost all my fish about a month ago so that made me go invest in a QT tank and all fish will go there first to make sure i dont have it happen again but good luck and looks good so far just needs to get wet lol
Welcome back! I see you have already started a showcase - good work! I've deleted that extra one for you ;)