Quiet skimmer for 38 gallon?


Reefing newb
I have a D&D Typhoon, and it sounds pretty much just like the name :shock:

I need something that is almost silent (or as close to it as possible) that will easily handle a 38 gallon mixed reef.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! :mrgreen:
HOB or in sump
For HOB I have an Aqua C Remora Pro and an Octopus 300bf, both are very quiet once broken in, and both work well
I'm currently using a CSS 125 and a ASM mini G. Both work very well, and are pretty quiet. The ASM is a little louder but bad at all, and they are cheap to buy brand new at around 100.00. Octopus skimmer are very nice and not real noisy.
I have an octopus 100-F HOB and like melonbob says, they are silent when broken in.

Best part.....the pump is IN the HOB skimmer, not in the DT.

Good luck.
If you don't have a sump be prepared to spend some good money on a decent HOB skimmer. If this doesn't sound like a good option than water changes maybe your best bet, but on a tank that size I would spend the money and invest in a quality hob skimmer. You may also choose to redo the tank and make an overflow. I did this on the 30 gallon in my bedroom, all I did was find an overflow from a broken tank and cut it to fit the corner of the tank. You can do it in an afternoon if your handy and then have a nice, clean looking tank that's drilled and has an overflow. What this really allowed me to do was keep the heater and skimmer under the tank and I used a ER RS-135 for the skimmer, which is a beast and should make the tank run well even with a decent bioload.