Question for those with woodworking/engineering skills: Mounting Lights


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I have a question for those folks who have more experience building stuff than I do. The lights I'm getting only have a hanging kit (stand legs are apparently considered unsafe and are thus illegal in europe). I don't believe my tank is going to line up properly with the ceiling studs, and even at 45 gallons total its not feasible moving it.

This is what I was thinking (not clear in the photo, but the wood would mount to 3 ceiling studs):

3 Questions:

1. Will this work safely?
2. How thick of a piece of wood do I need?
3. Suggestions on where to buy a nicely beveled piece of wood like that?

3 studs would be more than enough to support the weight, use 2 screws a stud, and make sure they are long enough to get a good hold in the stud. Using something like coated deck screws would be a good idea.

1/2 in wood would probably work. You could also stain or paint it to match your tank stand so it looks nice.
Do you have access to above the tank like in an attic? Or is it inaccessable because there is another floor above the ceiling at that spot?

If you have access, you can always add some 2x4s between the studs and frame it out a bit. I would do this since I think the install would look a bit cleaner than a sheet of wood up there.

I wouldnt trust a toggle or really any other kind of anchor in the ceiling. The chance of it pulling through the drywall is too much. IMO.

You can definantly do what cathic suggests and either stain it to match the tank or even paint it to match the ceiling.

I would go with wood screws between 3-4 inches long. Predrill the wholes so they go in easier and dont split the studs or the piece of wood you are going to use.
Unfortunately I don't have ceiling access as there is another floor above this one. Thanks for your all your help, 1/2" wood is thick enough? Does the type matter?

I think I'll just be painting it white so its not as noticeable, the stand is black so painting it to match the stand would exacerbate the eyesore.
Now, what should I use for mounting the hanging mount to the wood board? The directions for the mount call for a 2" screw directly into the stud of course.
id say 1/2 or 3/4 you can buy this cheap at home depot. You might want to look in to something like 2x4 since you would only need 1 strip. Of course I would use a larger board than 2x4 but it would be strong enough. Deck screws are good because they are wood screws with a coating to keep them from slipping under heavy loads, a box of these at wal mart is about 10 bucks for 100.
I've done a lot of woodwork, cabintry and installations into sheetrock. your design is fine (if not somewhat overkill)

however, to give you specifics, I looked up wood screws 'withdrawl force' from plywood and found a singe #8 screw with 1/2" of thread into plywood gives 240 pounds - so your design with 1/2" ply across three studs should be very adequate (very safe, least invasive, and most flexible)

BTW - I would use 3ea #8's on the one center stud, and have no worries....
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+1 to all of those above. As long as you use screws long enough to get through your mounting board, drywall, and into the stud, I think your design is fine