question about artificial driftwood


Reefing newb
hello everyone im working on a new setup for seahorses and my question is can you use plastic artificial driftwood in saltwater? I have some from a freshwater tank and wanted to find out if its safe to use or not..
If its made from resin or plastic or even fired clay its ok. i have resin rock and a couple of resin caves and coral structures in my qt so the fish can hide and feel safe. no prob. clean in fresh water and scrub with a brush. as long as its inert and does not absorb any thing, your good to go. you might find that your stuff wants to float though. salt water is more boiant then fresh. get the drill out. by the way, if you use clay decorations, you have to be careful about meds., they can absorb very small amounts.
thanks so much Monique for your reply I just wanted to make sure first,, I didn't think it would cause ive used plastic fake corals and plants for my dwarfs and large seahorses for years but I always like to get opinions on everything first,, you can never be too safe..
yuup, thats the way i think to, read up, ask questions, see how different people do things then use the info that works in your situation or what works best for you and put the rest away to use at a different time or situation. just cause i do something one way and it works for me doesn't mean that it will work for you or work in that particular situation.