Purple stuff and broccoli stuff


Reefing newb
Hey all another nooob question and identifcation question. Can you help me identfy the purple stuff in my tank, it seems to be everywhere. On the live rock on the back of the tank and the little crabs have it on their shells. Another issue is the broccoli looking coral in the top of this pick. What should it look like.
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Purple stuff is coralline algae it is good stuff to have in your tank, and is completely normal. As for the other thing i have no idea about the other thing someone else will have to look at that.
Ok thanks the research I did pointed to coralline but just wanted to make sure. Yeah the broccoli looking thing has me a bit worried/excited. I left for an over night trip and when I came back it looks a lot different. I'm wondering what might have happened to it.
Yep purples is coralline algae, good stuff and I agree with little fish its some type of bleached leather it will regain its color with the proper lighting.
I guess it depends on what you want to keep in there 8 gallons wouldnt require a huge amount of lighting. And I imagine the tank shape and design will limit it somewhat.

Have you tried to google biocube lighting upgrades? I am sure there are some creative ideas out there to point you in the right direction.

Let us know what you find out!
I just have what ever lighting came with the cube. The only one that is working is the 10,000K 24 watt Daylighter. The other fan unit and light are not currently working. I'm not looking to mod or upgrade at this time. I'm starting to be able to relax and enjoy this hobby (thanks to forums like this). I'm doing as much reading and research as I can but there is a lot of info out there and the parameters are very broad.