pump / impeller

what is going on with the pump? take it apart and pull the impeller out and clean the magnet and inside the pump very good and try that if that does not work i would say it is the pump itself
unless something got into the pump and did physical damage to the impellor, they generally dont fail...(ok, after years of use, maybe, but...) if cleaning it dosent solve the problem then its probably the main body of the pump that is bad...

or, you could have one like i do, and everytime you plug that pump in it pops the 20A breaker, then its a safe bet to just junk it and buy a new one :)
OK I am pretty sure its dead then, that sucks.... it sounds like it stuck? you can hear it hummming but its like there is not enough to make it work. new pump is only like $60 but when I went to order it I saw the impellers and was like hummm....

thanks guys!
check out the bottom of the impeller there it a little plastic disk that fits on the magnet that little thing could have come off if it did you can superglue it back on to the mag and shaft
if that little plastic peice comes off the mag will spin but it does not catch the shaft so it will not spin the prop
i have no idea what little plastic thing you are talking about....
are you talking about the drive dog? the parts that stick out of the impellor and interface with the magnet?
it is just a plastic ring that sits on the botton of the mag it has a little thing on it that catches the mag as it starts turning and it turns the shaft.
ok, that must be a different design from all of the pumps that i have then, cause NONE of the mag drive pumps that i have turn the shaft. ALL of mine are set up so that the shaft is stationary in relation to the pump housing, and the impellor and mag assembly spin freely on the shaft...

i do have 2 different shaft designs tho, one is where the shaft is firmly mounted into the pump housing and cant be removed, and then i have a floating shaft type, and basically what that is, is the shaft is supported on 2 rubber endcaps, for lack of better terms, and then the impellor and mag assemblies are still free to spin on the shaft, but the shaft can be pulled from the housing if need be.